CinCai-CinCai makan CinCau..

Owh.. feel good back after a whole month long-hiatus... (Y_Y)
well it's not too late to wish all my readers (include my silent readers too.. I know who you are HAHA) with HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011. Hope everything doin' great yawww~ Let's wash away all those 2010's bittersweets and ready to face any obstacles that might coloring your 2011 diary life. :)

Lemme updating myself. Earlier December 2010, i scored my last 3.0++ pointer for the last tyme in my fucking diploma period! I'm super excited cuz after all those incidents (including UiTM's failure which-makes-me-miserable-taking-a-paper-twice-without-failing MY OH MY), i still managed to get it passed with flying colors.

Then in mid Dec, all those wedding thang was a huge success. Alhamdulillah :) You know what, there's still a box of left-over goodie bag in my house ryte now and we don't even know what to do with those. It'll be a waste to throwing away. So, we decided to keep it as a 'memory' haha. Weird, ryte!! Well, the groom side was held a week after at Selangor.  Here's some picture for ya.. sista... day...
...akad nikah tyme...

52nd week of 2010, it's officially our VACATION tyme!!! We're on Langkawi for a week then Kuala Lumpur. It turn out as one of the best month for my 2010 calendar but i'm unable to attend RockTheWorld gig cuz i'm havin' some financial problem. Well, i've lost my sugar-mommy/daddy LOL hehe...kidding la..

Okay, speaking about 2010 memories, actually there's a lot things goin' on my 2010 diary. One of them - my own radio show have broadcasted worldwide!! YEAH, i'm totally proud of it!!!! I've got so many good response from my listeners all around the world. There's Australian, Canadian, USA, Bolivian and lot but ironically i never get any from Malaysians itself. And there's a time, i have this peaked to 1000++ listeners an hour. WOWW! How i know my listeners? Well, there's a tiny box of chat at the bottom of my 'radio' which they got communicate with me. Some of them even requesting a song. But it just a radio-programmed-cast without a jockey. I hope that 2011 will lead to something good such as oppurtinity to be a jockey on my own radio :) and it requires high-connection of Internet to do so. So, anybody offering to be my sugar-mommy/daddy, raise your hand la....hehe

Conversely, the bad things always makes me down for sure but i'm totally proud of myself cuz i managed to get it thru for my own sake. Sometimes, i have to deal it all by myself and for me, it just a process of learning so it can be handled in the future. So, all i can do is keep believing on myself. ~T_T~

Ok, enough for that, let have some cheers for a chick yoooo!!! She's pretty, cool, intelligent, outspoken, famous?, and etc.. (ohhh, i just can't get enough of this gal). Lemme introduce to ya, Zaleha Khairene Ismail. I've followed her blogConfessions of a serial job hopper  like a years ago but suddenly she set it private. I keep wondering about her (;P) and i managed to track her back recently.. haha (gila obsessed kan) and this is her current blog. The Alter Ego Speaks. Check out by yourself. Have fun, beb!!!

i told ya, she's a hottie.. 

p/s: x de kne mngene lgsong tajuk post aku ni kan...huhu

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