My Fall Playlist

I kinda have this odd habbit which is I hate to remove any song in my playlist. Well, i’ve to say that every song is so fuckin special where each of them have some sentimental value for sure. For example, Pieces by Sum 41 (my first jamming EVER!!!), Lost Without You by Delta Goodrem (I have my first crush to this girl cuz she’s humming to this song..LMFAO), Dig by Mudvayne (my anger management song) and bla bla bla… Well, recently I sickin tired of those ol’song then I got this opportunity to delete some ‘unvalued’ song (thanx to my cruel heart so much that day lah) and finally I’ve save some spaces to these new songs that just been added. So, here what I’m currently listen to..

"I’m not so-Rihanna freak but recently I have a chance to listen to her new album LOUD and it  quite impressive LOL. I even fallin for few songs and I decided to put some on."
       1. [Man Down] – I’ve always have a doubt on her ability on reggae music (cuz this is what Bajan live for) but this  proved she still that good just like her Music of The Sun era(well, credit to Shontelle for penned this one)
      2. [Cheers (Drink For That)] – odd and annoying at first (cuz it’s sampling Avril’s I’m With You shouting bridge) but I’m liking it more and more. Well, this is what her special ability for.. from something annoying to one of the biggest hit of the year.. Remember Umbrella?!
      3. [California King Bed] – good try for havin this acoustic-ballad type. It has this radio-friendly vibe so that radio will eat it up soon. Hope she release this one as a single.

Ok, leave her alone, let’s check out other songs that make the cut.. Next!!!!

4.      4. [Don’t You Wanna Stay – Jason Aldean & Kelly Clarkson] – I started to follow his music since Big Green Tractor. It is one of his best but this one will shine as previous plus he nailed with Kelly.  Long Live Twang!!
      5. [Broken Pieces - Apocalyptica feat. Lacey Mosley] – This is one of my current favorite band. I love how they blended their sound (instrumental orchestra) to the mainstream rock music. In fact, I’m still playing their hit, I Don’t Care (feat. Adam Gontier) in my playlist now. Well, Broken Pieces is another great track. It sounds exactly just like another Flyleaf song but the structure been added some cello and banjo flavor on it. Addictive J
      6. [American Dreams – Silverstein] – This is my favorite punk rock-emo band ever, yet!! (whatever you wanna labelled them, LMFAO). And I’m truly one of their die-hard-fans cuz I just purchased (download) their latest DVD, DECADE Live DVD recently.  Fact, still listening to My Heroine, Smile In Your Sleep, Apologize, Vices, True Romance and all. But this one is outstanding too.. Another typical Silverstein signature.. I just can’t hate this band.. –huh-
      7. [The Way You Love Me – Keri Hilson] – I gotta make this confession that I’m officially one of the Keri’s biggest fan.. my playlist consist ALL of her singles plus some of her mixtapes too.. Well , this shit proved her slickest single yet and undeniably, this is my current favorite club-banger.. (p/s: the lyric is sooo fuckin X-Rated.. PARENTAL  ADVISORY to those under 21 y.o. haha)
      8. [All I Want – A Day To Remember] – Hmm,I decided to download this song after checking it out at UK Rock Chart. I don’t know why this song is doing well there, so I decided to give it a shot. Well, it started to grow on me so much from now on. It’s have this anthemic vibe but I still can’t figured what type of this song suited for.. maybe for WWE theme.. cliché
      9. [Turn So Cold – Drowning Pool] – I effin hate this band at first (Jason and Dave era) but recently I found it they not so fuckin BAD with their current vocalist (Ryan Combs) and this song is muthafucka.. It reminiscent to Three Days Grace soo muuchh (which I love their sound to death..haha)
      10. [A Year Without a Rain – Selena Gomez and the Scene] – I’m liking this Sophie Ellis-Bexter type and it’s so cool havin euro-dance pop influenced on it. It kinda Dj Sammy’s Sunlight twin, for sure J (p/s: why has a band instead she can do it all her own.. I bet she might dropped off ‘the Scene’ on her next album!!)
      11. [Bet You wish You Had Me – Halestorm] – This lead-female band is not just ordinary type of band. They’re not so Paramore-ish cuz their playing Alternative, Hard-Rock, Metal type of genre.. but this one have pop vibe on it that might end up like rock-crossover to top 40 hit.. but don’t ever expect this band lead singer appear on Seventeen or Vanity Fair cover for sure..
      12. [Who You Are – Jessie J] – She’s new but her voice already amazed me!! It kinda mixed of Kelly Clarkson + Pink + Keyshia Cole. Husky voice but she is capable singing on urban type of hit. That’s why I prefer this one compare to her trashy-first-single Do It Like A Dude. She’s a Brit but this one is a passport for her to crash American brick of wall music-industry (fuck!) cuz it smell so Ryan Tedder-ish penned hit (Halo, Strip Me, Already Gone etc). Wish her luck…

So, this is what I’m gonna do for the next one and a half month. Music, Music, Music.. Well, I admit that ima music freak..hehe Exactly, I decided to earn some money first by working part-timer but I decided not-to-do so cuz my mom promise me (ye la tu) to lure me with whole bunch of money if I help her to prepare all those wedding stuff just for my sister upcoming wedding on this December. Of course, Ima naïve child and I’d love to..hehe  plus I’m looking forward to ‘pow’ my soon-to-be bro-in-law on the next Aid.. till then see you on the next post.. Long Live, MetalHead..

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