Awekku : Amanda Imani

Listen, everybody!!! New fresh talented Malaysian new artist has been discovered (of course by me,again) hehe

Lemme introduce to ya, her name is AMANDA IMANI
Amanda is a new protege under Ajai production, Wake The BaBy. Ajai first met her at 2008 when she started to write some song just for fun. Then, she was approached to sign a deal under his record company after just one closed audition only. (hmm,the real reason is she has the buck cuz she stated that one of her recent hobbies was horse riding. haha aku pon x penah... it's so obvious la..)

Then, earlier 2009, she's in studio to record her self titled debut album. The album released on late 2009 which contained 7 malay track. The first single, Selamilah Cinta released on July 09 and the video has been directed by an infamous Indonesian director. The guest actor, Samuel Rizal also been featured on this video. (see, once again.. video buat kat Indonesia for a new artist, kompem mahal.. ber'uang' minah ni). Recently, she bagged the bronze medal for Choice Pop Song category on Voice Indiependent Malaysian Award 09. Hmm, not bad for a new artist.

She just releasing second single called Cinta Seluas Angkasa where the song influenced by Leona Lewis's Bleeding Love (same composition doh! Ajai ni suke sangat menciplak)

She then released another new album where this time the english one containing another 7 new fresh song (not the translated one from malay album). The first single, I'm Free produced by Ajai starting to receive heavy airplay on radio station.(lagu ni pon ade gak influence2 Avril's My Happy Ending ngan Jasmay's Aku Jatuh Cinta).
The video also has directed by the same director and Ajai also made some cameo appearance. Her english album digitally released on earlier this year. (see, baru setahun jadi artis, da boleh buat dua album.. orang lain nak buat 1 album pon sakit)
FYI, she has been praised by critics for having non-Asean voice type and good diction where most of Asean artist rarely have this kind of ability. Well, that's why I prefer her English album than Malay one but both still great.

So, here's links for the download..

Selamilah Cinta
Cinta Seluas Angkasa
Kita Sama Sahaja (feat. Ajai)
I'm Free (Yeah)

4 orang yang x pueh ati!!!:

  1. geeds

    amanda imani best yaww!
    i like her too.
    and and since when plak die jd awek ko huh?
    haha. :p

  2. fazrol

    kacaw stim ar..
    baru nak pasan...

    anyway geeds, welcome back to tha blogging thang.. :)

  3. Hussaini Mustafa

    i ada kt umah masa tgk dia kene intebiu kt MHI. huhu. yeah. fresh new talent huh!

  4. fazrul

    saini, ko tgk kt ne gile??


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