Download: Juwita Suwito

This girl are so fucking talented. I really diggin her music since she first came out on this music industry. She had done a lot of behind post-production, campaign, adv and well-known as Akademi Fantasia theme singer. Btw, she also had a brother whose an-award winning producer, Aubrey Suwito who also helped her in each of her album. So far, she already released two album which both nominated for AIM and surprisingly, her debut, 'Brand New World' won for the Best Local English Album in AIM2005 beating out favorite SevenCollar T-Shirt's The Drones, Gerhana Ska Cinta, Disagree and Gerard Singh. Her sophomore, 'For Real' also nominated in the same category in AIM2007.

As requested, here the link for her first album, 'Brand New World'.


Hey! (Making A Change) [download here]
Only In The Dark [download here]
Part Of A Fool [download here]
S.M.S [download here]
You In Me [download here]
Wishing For You [download here]
Don't Think Twice [download here]
Why oh Why [download here]

Whole Album (zipped) [download here]

additional track:

Breathe Again [download here]
Destiny's Calling [download here]
Walk Away [download here]
Beautiful Lies (OST - Gol & Cincu) [download here]

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