When I Think of You

* writing some random lyrics with inspiration comes from U and I....

your love is so intoxicated and to me it's so fascinating how it makes me wanna go crazy
don't think of be exagerating if i said your kiss was liberating like the windy sea breeze
and when you're gone always feel so wrong like clouds without the sky
all i have to do is fall into you is when i close my eyes

when i think of you, i'm not afraid
i just let my heart take me there
when i'm all alone, and i feel alright,
yeah it's like you're everywhere
i wanna fly, i wanna try, i wanna lie, i wanna cry
and i never wanna say goodbye
when i think of you. yeah..

all i knew about our love before you found me was to build a wall around, that's made it easy
to keep myself and yeah it's hurt then never been used by these fantasies are like.. this time it's leavin
sometimes in your touch begin to crush on my dark illusions
then you kiss my hell and scar, here's in my infectious heart, love me more than anyone

you're just like the moonshine on midnight
that guide the stars and let them bright the dark
but since you left, my world crumbles
likes no one does
cause i'm still clinging on your love

p/s: damn, miss U!

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