My Bullet are back!!!!

Attention to all metal fans out there, Bullet For My Valentine are back!!! Yes, they hit with their third studio album called 'Fever'. It gonnabe full of shits that will never bring you down for sure. Their previous release, 'Scream Aim Fire' debut at no.4 at Billboard top 200 Album become one of the best first-week metal album to bow at higher place.

Their new album will containing eleven tracks and will be release sometimes in April.
Already releasing the first single 'Your Betrayal' alongside 'Begging For Mercy' on earlier March. Within 3 days after premiering their singles on myspace, it hitted as much as 30,000 and more to soon. 'The Last Fight' is set to be their second while the video will follow soon.

So, this is the first single, 'Your Betrayal'..

4 orang yang x pueh ati!!!:

  1. syarina

    luv da song,TOTALLY HATE the album c0ver...

  2. faz

    sjk bile ko lyn metal nih..
    gile da maju..

  3. syarina

    im a universal music listener...dangdut pon msk...ak lyn smpi metal je la..msk heavy metal dan yg sewaktu dgnnya,gua da out...

  4. Rem Robben

    intercourse mmg dr awl sem ari 2 dorg ckp xde...
    so cmne la ko bole tepk nk apply mende 2...
    xpe dowh....
    ak kn ade...


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